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Hybrid Homeschool & Tutoring Options

Hybrid Homeschool

We are now enrolling for  this school year! Set up a time to discuss pricing and availability.

The purpose of hybrid homeschooling is to help students and families to achieve their educational goals and, importantly learn practical skills in a personalized environment tailor made to the needs of each student. Curriculum and approach are specific to each student.


Is your child struggling in a standard school setting? Are you getting the support and outcome from the school setting you're in? Are you considering homeschooling and need help navigating the resources, curriculums, methods, and progress reports? Would you be interested in an alternative option of education that will better serve your child?


Sprout's Hybrid Homeschool has flexible options and packages including:

Regular and alternative curriculums 

Daily living/practical/functional skills

Related arts options

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