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Special Needs Family Coaching
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A little bit about my story

Viviana DeFelipe, Master in Psychology with emphasis in Applied Behavior analysis (MS,)

I was born in Lima, Peru and educated in a British/English High School. Being able to speak Spanish and English allows me the opportunity to facilitate communication between parents, children, and those providing other professional services to native Spanish speakers.


I studied Psychology in Lima Peru for four years before I arrived in the United States to complete my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from The University of South Carolina in 2010. I received a Master's degree in psychology with specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University a few years later.


More important than my education is my many years of hands on experience. I have worked with thousands of children over the years providing ABA therapy, early Intervention services (EI) and teaching for the past 15 plus years. I have worked with many different professionals teams and families to create and develop individualized learning programs for children with disabilities. Individualized plans that addressed each child's specific needs. I have successfully coached hundreds of families on how to deal with the difficulties of raising children with disabilities. We've celebrated and continue to celebrate with families as we reach goal after goal. Watching children and families increase their quality of life and helping them reach their full potential is amazing to experience together. After all, to have quality of life and be as independent as possible is what it's all about!

Sprout   Special Needs Family Coaching is the culmination of my experience working with thousands of children from all over the spectrum and diagnoses. In my years of experience  I found myself noticing that the  parents of these special people needed help understanding their children, better understanding the perspective of what life looks like through their eyes. Guidance  on how to find to the best possible route. through the maze of this journey. I created Sprout special needs family coaching to bring answers to these families and help them get a better understanding of their child so they can lead the way on this journey, gain confidence to advocate for their child and help them grow everyday. Empowering them with strategies and tools to nurture healthy family relationships.

A Word About Our Services

 The purpose is to give parents the tools they need to help their children. Is about empowering parents so they can take control of their journey. Giving parents and families the support they need so they can help their children  strive  towards a brighter future, reach their full potential, increase quality of life and have healthy family relationships.

We're always here for you. 

Programs are customized specific to each client. With personalize programs  that take in consideration multiple factors to best address the specific needs of your child and family.  In our model the "one size fit all" does does not  apply.

BOOK your solutions cal.  We will answer any of your questions and point you to the right direction


We will formulate a specific plan to address your child's and family needs. 

We will work together to accommodate your needs and get you started in your journey.

Book your Smart Solution Call and 
Get answers to your questions now

 Will answer any questions and point you in the right direction to start your journey

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