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The ultimate guide for Parents 

Unspinning Your World: A Guidebook for Parents Raising a Child with Autism and other Disabilities, Viviana De Felipe draws from her extensive experience working with thousands of children across the spectrum. However, this isn't just another book on understanding disabilities; it's a unique guide empowering parents on a transformative journey. De Felipe acts as a compassionate guide, steering parents through the maze of raising a child with special needs. This workbook, a metaphorical Rosetta Stone, invites active participation in learning your child's language—a language that, once understood, becomes a powerful tool for fostering independence and success.

Prepare to take control and make positive changes in your child's life. This guidebook is more than a manual; it's a companion for parents seeking to enhance their child's quality of life and maintain healthy family relationships. With Unspinning Your World, De Felipe empowers parents to be the driving force in their child's development, fostering a path toward independence and success

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