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Tailor at Work

Concierge Family Coaching

Exclusive Services Tailored just for you 

Our coaching Program involves different parts to make it as comprehensive and individualized as possible

Direct observations

In person ot virtual (depending on location) face-to-face  observations. . Special needs family coach will observe your routines in specific situations and provide you with feedback, and strategies to help you reach your goals

Follow up and Feedback

Parent and coach meetings to go over assignments, forms documentations and evaluate progress, strategies and program efficacy concerns and new developments and or modifications to the plan will be discussed.

Video recordings feedback

As part of your assignments a recording of how parents are implementing strategies will be review by the coach who will provide feedback and evaluate prgress adn efficacy of strategies.

Follow up Emails and phone calls

Your coach will be available  anytime and day via email texts phone call fro you to ask questions and get answers and support when needed.

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