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Waiting with Purpose

High demand for ABA services and diagnosis is causing families to face long wait times for therapy and services with little or no support. This has created long waiting lists and are a barrier to medical diagnosis and services for children. Some children wait years before receiving services. During this period children miss numerous opportunities to address challenging behaviors and learn new skills. We understand it can be frustrating and worrisome to wait for services for your child. That's what our programs are all about!


 Sprout  is an alternative option for families to the long waiting lists.  Sprout  provides a comprehensive support services for families.  Sprout is an option to the long waiting lists for ABA therapy for your child.


We will formulate a plan that will help you prioritize goals for your child. We work with the family unit along with your child to increase independence, decrease challenging behaviors, and learn new skills. Our main focus is overall improvement and quality of life for your child and your family. We guide you and your child to help them grow, develop and getting closer to reaching their best potential.


Sprout  could be the support you need. If you don't qualify for services due to waiting list for a diagnosis or if you have received a diagnosis and are on a provider's waiting list for therapy, we provide custom services to meet specific needs of each child.

Why Sprout parent support services?

Our families are our number one priority! Our services are directed towards your childs success and are customized to meet the specific needs of each child. With a collaborative family approach throughout the entire process, measurable results are guaranteed. 

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Let me Introduce Myself

Viviana DeFelipe, Master in Psychology with emphasis in Applied Behavior analysis (MS, ABA)

I was born in Lima, Peru and educated in a British/English High School. Being able to speak Spanish and English allows me the opportunity to facilitate communication between parents, children, and those providing other professional services to native Spanish speakers.


I studied Psychology in Lima Peru for four years before I arrived in the United States to complete my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from The University of South Carolina in 2010. I received a Master's degree in psychology with specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University a few years later.


More important than my education is my many years of hands on experience. I have worked with thousands of children over the years providing ABA therapy, being an ABA coordinator, Early Interventionist (EI) and teacher for the past 15 years. I have worked with many different professionals and families to create and develop individualized learning programs for children with disabilities that address each child's specific needs. I have successfully coached hundreds of families on how to deal with the difficulties of raising children with disabilities. We've celebrated and continue to celebrate with families as we reach goal after goal. Watching children and families increase their quality of life and helping them reach their potential is amazing to experience together. After all, to have quality of life and be as independent as possible is what it's all about!

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Is Sprout  for me?

This is a good question. This will not be an easy process. It will require hard work, consistency, and a commitment by you as a loving parent. Challenging behaviors sometimes get worse before they get better. Changes come gradual and take time. With your love, patience, and our proven effective guidance, your family's quality of life - and your child's behaviors - will change for the better.

Filling Out a Medical Form

Take Your First Step

STEP 1:    Let's see if we're a good fit!


Click on the QUESTIONNAIRE button below. A separate window will open. Answer a few simple questions.

There is no cost or obligation. 

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STEP 2:    Select the Option That's Right For You!

We offer three plans to fit your budget. If you'd like to take a more customized approach, check out the ADDITIONAL SUPPORT section below and we'll be happy to come up with a specific plan that works for you!

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STEP 3:    Creating the Right Plan

Selecting your plan is just the beginning. Once you've made your choice, we will create a specific approach based on your child's needs. 

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STEP 4:    Customization and Follow Up

We will follow up and review data analysis and progress according to your plan. We will discuss future interventions, changes in programming including other options and plans if needed.

A Word About Our Services

Experience. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Sprout services are not intended to replace traditional ABA therapy or any other one-on-one behavior therapy. Our purpose is to jump start the process by helping parents and caregivers on the waiting list. When you're selected to start one-on-one therapy with a provider you can choose to stay with  Sprout and continue to receive services or move on with your provider. We work in collaboration with providers to enhance your child's therapy. We're always here for you.

Sprout  programs are designed to fit your budget. Choose the one that best meets your needs. Our programs range from basic support to more intensive programing. Customized programs are available upon request. Contact us with any questions or special requests.

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Parental Support


Includes ONE 45 minute  face-to-face zoom consultation. 
Parents can ask questions, receive advice including suggestions about specific situations or behaviors. 
An option to upload a video for review is also available. Click MORE below for a complete overview.


Parental Support


A more in-depth approach! Includes face-to-face consultation, zoom observations, direct communication with the therapist, prioritized goals for your child. Data tracking for adjustments in behavior strategies. Click MORE below for a complete overview.


Parental Support


A VERY comprehensive program. Weekly zoom meetings and observations, comprehensive data collection and analysis, progress reports, and direct consultation with the therapist. A complete approach to helping your child gain as much freedom and independence as possible. Click MORE below for a complete overview.

Advanced Support

Additional services and materials can be added for a more intensive approach.


IN PERSON sessions:

$123 per hour

Printed materials and other supplies available for a fee


Additional Zoom Consultations and Observations:

$45 per 30 minutes

Click MORE below for a complete overview.

Free consultation available

Contact us today to see if Sprout  is right for you.

Need More Information or Have Other Requests?

PHONE:  (864) 982-4577

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